2023                     OCTA III, AG, Utrecht

2022                     Carefull, Zonderpunt Collective, Art Utrecht

2022            Kunstschouw Zeeland

2022            Free floating, Zonderpunt Collective,  W139, Amsterdam

2021            Glazen kunst salon Stadsatelier, Amersfoort

2021            Spacemakers, Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden

2021            Collective Loopholes, Museum Ijsselstein

2021            Extuin, buitenexpositie Exbunker, Utrecht

2020                     Empathie, Museum IJsselstein 

2019         24/7, AG, Utrecht
2018         Creme Fresh, De belofte 13 - Kunstliefde, Utrecht

2017         Expo Instituto Buena Bista, Willemstad Curaçao

2017         HKU exposure 2017, Utrecht

2015         Jongeren en hun belevingswereld, HKU , Utrecht


2022-present      OCTA (Or Call This Art)
                             A collaboration between artists from two different cities in The Netherlands. 

                             With the project they aim to break through the boundaries of their individual 

                             practice by adopting a collaborative attitude and creating joint work for 

                             exhibitions in both cities of origin. The currenct formation is between artists from 

                             Amsterdam and Utrecht. Curious? Have a look at our instagram.    

2019-present      Zonderpunt Collective                             

                             An art collective consisting of seven artists, organising artist feedback sessions, 
                             maker evenings and exhibitions. Check our instagram for more visual content.


2022                    Blanco

                             A two week working period in collaboration with Roos Nieboer at projectspace Blanco in Gent.


2021                    Art Jammin                              

                             A project by Erasmus University in which young people from several      

                             countries and art disciplines came together in the Czech Republic. There we                                 

                             explored how to learn from each others discipline.                    

2017                    Entrance gate - Children's Museum Curaçao                

            In collaboration with David Bade and students of Instituto Buena Bista constructed                              

                             a gate for the first children's museum of Curaçao.

2017            Liefdesklus - Centraal museum Utrecht         

                             Together with visitors of the Rietveld exhibition at Centraal Museum Utrecht, we gave 

                             the "Rietveld Schröderhuis" new meaning. A collaboration of David Bade, HKU students 

                             and high school students.


2013-2017        BA Fine Art and Design in Education HKU, Utrecht